Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Puppy day

Sunday we had a visit from my friend, Vic.  She brought her kids, Andy, Paige & Ben and also the guide dog puppies she's raising.  Shenya is a year old and going off to her training in a few weeks and the new addition, Petrina is 7 weeks.  Klara, Shenya and Petrina had such a fabulous day.  They ran and romped and played and splashed and wrestled non stop the entire day.  Klara did her best to teach Petrina to put her front legs into the drinking water but unfortunately Petrina was too short to reach.  By the end of the day when they all went home Klara collapsed on the kitchen floor in exhaustion and refused to get up again. 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

All in a weeks work

1. Steal one thriving tomato plant and eat all the developing fruit
2. Foray into the chicken run causing absolute chaos of panicked hens (Mick really must lock the gate when he goes in there!)
3. Begin digging up mature orange tree
4. Pull the wiring off the brake and indicator lights on Micks truck
5. Playtime with a baby bird that was unable to fly back up to its nest
6. Destroy best dog bed leaving a trail of stuffing all over the yard
7. Excavation project underway beneath the front fence
8. Garden hose game involving dragging it around the yard and chewing the nozzle
9. Make a start on picking every flower growing on the row of agapanthus
10. Discover new fun in splashing water from indoor water bowl onto kitchen floor

Phew...... What a week!!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Start of Summer

 What a scorcher we had for the beginning of Summer.  I looked on our outdoor thermometer in the middle of the day the week before and it was 35 degrees.

We took Klara to the creek for a paddle last Sunday.  For the first time..... only because her stick got swept out a little..... she actually swam.  It's nice to know she can!  She wasn't willing to repeat the exercise so we will have to keep practicing.   She loves water and has now started dipping her paws in her drinking water all the time.  One of our three well growing tomato plants was destroyed the other day and a constant stream of garden prunings of her choice accumulate around the back door.  She's also started noticing her reflection in the back door and runs up to wag her tale at herself!

We had my work Christmas get together last night.  It was in Mount Macedon.  Our grass is gone now and everywhere you look is brown.  How amazing it was to drive up the mount to find green grass and lovely green shade trees.  It really did feel like a little piece of England. 

It's been nice the last few weeks to be getting back to doing some of the things I enjoyed before we went away, like a trip to Ikea in Melbourne, dinner with my old workmates and a visit to Daylesford to The Mill antique market. Mick says we have "one foot on the jetty and one foot on the boat" but he's not referring to nb Parisien Star.  We are at the end of a long process with the council planning department for a potential project and didn't know if we'd be staying in this house or not.  Finally it's looking like we'll be moving on again.  We will know for certain on the 19th and then we can forge ahead with a new adventure!  More about this later.....



Sunday, 16 November 2014

Echinda on the road to Inglewood

We had a lovely day out today... driving.  We decided to drive to Inglewood.  We took Klara with us in the car as a start to her learning to come along with us on outings.  She was good as gold.

As we drove along we saw something ahead slowly ambling across the road.  It was an echidna!  By the time we reached him he was on the roadside so I got out of the car to take a photo.  It's the closest I've ever been to one (with the exception of one our dogs discovered beneath a bush years ago, but that one was just curled in a ball).  Today the echidna kept waddling along and didn't mind at all when I came close.

We enjoyed browsing a few antique stores and sat outside an old fashioned general store for lunch.  On our travels we passed Tracey, who lives in our old house, and both pulled over for a chat in the middle of the isolated road.  We arranged to see her in the afternoon to collect some plant cuttings from our old garden.  Most of the plants in that garden came from cuttings from other people's gardens so now we will have new plants the same way.

Klara was very tired when we got home.  She had enjoyed bumbling around Tracey's garden, supervised the planting of the cuttings and then collapsed on her mat for a nap. Its a tough life for a little dog!


Friday, 14 November 2014


Mum and I had a lovely day out on Monday.  We went to visit Lavandula lavender farm.  They have gorgeous shady gardens and a very nice cafe with seating in the shade of a grove of Ash trees.   We had lunch watching the antics of a couple of geese families with a host of youngsters.

Shade trees are so important in an Aussie garden and those we planted at our old house are looking fantastic now.  We get to admire the ornamental pears at the front as we drive past each day.  Now it has us thinking about planting some more here at this house.  We do have a fabulous big tree to the West of the house and it's perfect for keeping the sun from the back door.  There is several scattered around our half acre garden but I think next Winter we will plant a few more.