Sunday, 25 January 2015

Dog walking group

We have really enjoyed the weekly dog walking group in our area.  This morning Klara someone knew it was doggie day.  She somehow knew what day it was and as we finished breakfast she was whining at the back door.  It's something she's never done before.  She all but dived in the car when I opened the car door.  It was off lead week so the group was at a fenced oval.  Definitely Klara's favourite.   It's lovely how others in the group who have bigger dogs look out for Klara when she's near their dog.  It's been a great experience for her to learn when another dog is telling her it doesn't want to play.

She's been a challenge.  Our garden hose has been chewed into several pieces, we have a constant pile of debris at the back door and last night she exploded through the fly screen door and came running into the house!  But.... how can you resist those eyes.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Start of a project

I mentioned a while ago that we have a potential project in the planning.  We have now received planning approval but it may be a few weeks before the building permit is sorted.  We (well......Mick) are going to build a little residence in the shed.

On Monday we signed the documents and handed over the money to buy out the co-owner of the shed so now it is officially ours.

To start with, Mick has sorted out a chook house for the feathered family.  They will live under the shelter of a tumble down old shed in the corner of the property.  At least they will have good shade.  The chook house is behind Micks rusty old truck.

His current project, while waiting for a building permit, is sorting out a bedroom in a teeny office.  I will take some photos on the weekend.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Another puppy play day

I spent the day Saturday with my friend Vic, her daughters Andy and Paige, and guide dog puppy Petrina.  The dogs had a wonderful time.  Petrina is 3 months now and Klara 6 months so we locked Petrina in Klara's run so she got a chance to have a sleep.  Klara would have just kept nagging her to play. 

We played Andy and Paige's Christmas present card game after lunch.  Somehow there was a challenge that the losing team had to give both dogs a wash.  You can see below who lost!  We had a bit of fun trying to get the dogs to sit nicely to have their photo taken after their wash.  They soon discovered their favourite playing spot from last visit.

Klara enjoyed her doggie massage.... she says thanks Paige.

And, from earlier in the week is Klara in the process of destroying the back door mat.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Parisien Star cruising

We have thoroughly enjoyed reading about Parisien Star's winter cruise.  Tore and Kirsten have sent us emails and photos of their first Christmas and New Year aboard.  We are so glad they're enjoying the boat.  Who knows, maybe one day they'll be spending the whole year afloat too!

It does make us hanker for our canal life but we so much enjoy reading about it and looking at photos.  Thanks so much to Tore and Kirsten for telling us all about it.


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Trying to keep cool

Both Klara and a group of kangaroos taking shelter in the shade of some trees over our fence.


Tuesday, 6 January 2015


It's a bit of a shock to the system having a day over 40 degrees for the first time in almost 3 years.  We had two in a row.   It's the hottest Klara has had in her short life so far and I don't think she much liked it.  We ran the tap into her plastic clam shell and she had a merry time splashing and snapping at the water coming from the tap late in the afternoon.  She slept out in her run at night and we slept on a mattress on the lounge room floor.  I sorely miss the ducted evaporative cooling in our old house.  Now we have an air conditioner in the open plan living/dining/kitchen but only ceiling fans in the bedrooms.

I went shopping Friday morning and it was 28 degrees when I left at 8.30am.  Lunchtime it was already nearly 40 degrees.  We tend to save inside household jobs for days like this when we really don't want to be outside.  I've been happily setting up my sewing room.  There has been a couple of trips to Ikea  in the last two or three weeks to get some storage cupboards. I'm very pleased with it.

We are constantly reminded of our extreme Summers by the reports of bushfires.  Friday there was 340 fires in our state.  That's frightening!  Now there are two days of lower temperatures and the fire crews are desperately trying to contain fires that have been burning for a couple of days.  With more hot, dry weather forecast in coming days they're hoping to have them under control.

It was lovely to hear that nb Winton's Folly is safely tucked up at Aston Marina.  Bravo to Ray and Gordon for a fantastic effort in moving the boat in record time.  They had some icy conditions to deal with but managed extremely well.  What a relief for Barry and Carol.  Barry had his first night back onboard and is glad to be out of hospital for the moment.  He has challenges ahead but we were so relieved to to see him happy to be home and had a lovely chat on FaceTime.

It was nice the other day when Carol called us while she sat at the breakfast table with Kate, their daughter, and granddaughters Molly and Connie.  The girls have grown so much since we last saw them and we had a great chat with them all.  Molly and Connie enjoyed calling and talking to Klara who kept walking behind the iPad looking for the people she could hear talking to her.

I emailed Carol all the comments and messages of support people have sent via the blog.  It's nice for them to know so many people are thinking of them, even those they've never met.  Thanks so much to everyone who has taken the time to write.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Thoughts with Barry

It's been a bit of a sad time over Christmas with our thoughts on the other side of the world.  Our very dear friends on nb Wintòns Folly have had devastating news.  Barry hasn't been himself of late and we were distressed Christmas Eve when we chatted on FaceTime to see him struggle to concentrate and participate in discussion.  We had been thinking he might have depression until then but this seemed worse.

The next day we had another FaceTime call from Carol with news that he had been taken to hospital by ambulance that day.... Christmas Day!  What they suspected may have been a stroke was ruled out but things weren't good.  Boxing Day we learned that he had a brain tumour.  It was devastating news.  How helpless we feel talking on FaceTime with Carol and all of us trying not to cry!  More tests and scans have since revealed spots on Barry's liver.  Decisions on what will happen next are to be made in the next couple of days.

Barry is in hospital in Stoke on Trent as they were at their daughters place Christmas Day.  Nb Winton's Folly is at Braunston.  With Barry needing to be in hospital or near the hospital for a while it makes things a bit difficult having the boat so far away.  We joked about Mick jumping on a plane to go and move the boat for them.

Salvation arrived by chance encounter.  Carol bumped into Ray and Diane from nb Ferndale while she was at the shops in Stone.  They were moored on the visitor moorings.  In true style of boaters helping each other out, Ray offered to move the boat for them with the help of Gordon from nb Ewn Ha Cul.  It's a trip of a good 6 days in freezing Winter weather.  To complicate matters there is a Winter stoppage in their path from 5th January so a decision had to be made quickly.  It's a big ask for folk to drop everything over the New Year period to spend long days cruising and locking and Carol didn't know what to do.  The weather forecast wasn't too bad..... Carol would love to be sleeping in her own bed..... Barry wouldn't be worrying about the boat if it wasn't by itself in Braunston.... Aston Marina is familiar and there are people they know moored there.... it's close to their daughters place.... if the boat wasn't moved now it would be there until after the stoppage was over in early Feb.  Carol made the decision that if Ray and Gordon were truly willing then she would be very grateful to accept their offer.  A quick message and a quick discussion and a plan swung into action.

Carol wants to say a very heartfelt thank you to Ray and Gordon, and also to Roly from nb Klara (yes, that's where we got the name) who has offered to drive the guys to Braunston to start their journey.  She wants everyone to know what a very kind and generous thing they're doing.  We wish them a safe trip and hope all goes according to plan.

We can't quite believe that in such a short time it's gone from exciting plans for their trip to visit us next September to this!  Devastating.

Sunday, 28 December 2014


Last Sunday we had a Christmas get together with my two brothers and their families and my step mum.  We had a picnic in a park so the kids could play.  I did take my camera but realized when we got home that I hadn't taken a single photo.  I'm out of practice.

My sister and her kids have been at my mum's in Bendigo for the week so were there on Christmas day.  The kids enjoyed their pile of presents from father Christmas and the tooth fairy even made a visit to Jamara.  Minka painted me a beautiful picture.  

Our thoughts have been constantly with our very dear friends who have had a tough time and bad news over Christmas.  We love you guys and hope so much that you have a positive outcome.

It's been lovely to hear from so many people over Christmas and we hope everyone had a wonderful day.   We tried to take a photo of Klara in front of the Christmas tree with a Santa hat.  Here's what she thought of that idea :