Tuesday 14 April 2015

A visit in the planning

Well, she doesn't muck around!  One day we chatted on Facetime about airfares, the next day the flights were booked.  We're so much looking forward to seeing Carol when she comes for a visit from mid September.   Can't wait to show her our country.

We had a lovely impromptu FaceTime chat the other day before we went to work.  nb Winton's Folly has been out on a little cruise.  Carol had some visitors to accompany her and she was the steerer.  Lovely to hear and lovely to see photos of Winton's Folly moored out on the cut.

At the moment we are packing.  Once the agent finds a tenant we will move out to our temporary living quarters.  We will stay in the house in the meantime and pare down our belongings to the absolute minimum.  It's not my favourite job.

The weekend before Easter we had a visit from Maggie and Ray who live in Warwick.  It was one of our favourite moorings, tucked up in the Saltisford Arm.  We were sad to hear that Wylies Ironmongery has closed down.  It must be disappointing for the town to lose a piece of it's history.  We are glad we got to visit while it was still open and enjoyed our afternoon tea in the tea rooms behind.  Maggie thinks the tea rooms are still open.  Its worth a visit!

The Aussie "half year" narrowboaters are all preparing to head off the England.  We love to hear of their plans but oh, how we wish we could go too.  Tore and Kirsten had an Easter cruise on Parisien Star and we enjoyed receiving an email or comment from folk who saw her out and about.

Klara and I had a day trip to Melbourne today.  We went to visit my friend Vic and guide dog pup, Patrina.  The dogs had an absolute ball running around and rolling around and Klara teaching Patrina to splash water everywhere using her front paws.  Before we knew it the kitchen floor was a mess of mud, water and dog hair with the pair of them racing in and out of the house.  Vic's pretty relaxed about these things.  We let them go for a while and then sent them out while we gave the floor a quick mop and wiped the muddy streaks from walls and kitchen cupboards.  Trying to get them to sit beside each other to have their photo taken was an impossibility despite Vic's best efforts.  We have a very tired pup tonight.

Lovely sunrise on the way to work
Klara and her auntie Grace

Dog socializing group

Visitor to the pear tree

Today's fun :