Sunday 6 March 2016

House - cabinets and cooker

Despite the heat, work on the house has progressed.  We've had quite a few new items piling up in the shed waiting for installation.  We bought a Belling freestanding cooker, a Morso wood burner, and an instantaneous gas hot water unit.  The dollars are rolling out the door.  The cooker is in place and I really like it.

Mick's made a huge leap forward with getting the bathroom vanity unit in place. It was an awkward moment as we maneuvered it down the hallway and there was no way we could turn the corner into the bathroom with it! We tipped it up, we turned it over, we started talking about which bits he might have to remove to get it through the doorway and then we decided to have one more go. We carried it on its side down the hall and then very carefully tilted it into the doorway, turning it as we went. I'm guessing we had about 3mm to spare!

The laundry cabinets are in place now too. We bought a two drawer flat pack unit that will be our laundry hamper. We had a pull out hamper in our house before going to the UK and loved it. We wanted one again and this was a great solution in a small space. I'm very happy with the amount of storage we've managed to squeeze in.  The washing machine can be pulled out of storage and put in place now.

The timber benchtops for the bathroom vanity, the laundry, and the kitchen island are almost complete. I'm sure I've taken some photos of them but they must be on my camera so maybe next time.

Klara is a keen supervisor.  We've made a decision that she won't be allowed down the hall and into the bedrooms, bathroom or laundry.  So, we have started teaching her that she must stay in the open plan living/kitchen area and not follow us down the hall.  It's going better than I expected because until now she's had run of the place.  We are trialing a spot for her bed and will see how that goes.  At the moment she just wants to sprawl on the floor because of the heat.

Saturday 5 March 2016