Saturday 31 January 2015

At last.... a sewing room!

I had intended to use my old office furniture in my sewing room but after some discussion we decided we'd sell the matching desks and cupboards and buy something more suitable.  A couple of trips to Ikea and here it is.  It's so nice to finally have my space back and somewhere to store my collection of vintage quilts.

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Barry update

I know I haven't mentioned Barry for a while and I apologise to those who have asked what's happening and received no response.  I didn't want to say anything without Carol's ok and I kept hoping for some positive news to report.

Unfortunately the news isn't good.  Barry had surgery a couple of weeks ago to remove the main part of the brain tumour.  The result of the surgery wasn't great and he has lost the use of his right leg.  His right arm isn't working too well either.  When the pathology results came back the prognosis was grim : the tumour is fast growing and his life expectancy is short.  He has deteriorated further recently so it appears the tumour may be growing again already.

It's devastating for Carol and so very sad for Barry.  They're both in our thoughts constantly.  
We should all make the most of every single day.

Sunday 25 January 2015

Dog walking group

We have really enjoyed the weekly dog walking group in our area.  This morning Klara someone knew it was doggie day.  She somehow knew what day it was and as we finished breakfast she was whining at the back door.  It's something she's never done before.  She all but dived in the car when I opened the car door.  It was off lead week so the group was at a fenced oval.  Definitely Klara's favourite.   It's lovely how others in the group who have bigger dogs look out for Klara when she's near their dog.  It's been a great experience for her to learn when another dog is telling her it doesn't want to play.

She's been a challenge.  Our garden hose has been chewed into several pieces, we have a constant pile of debris at the back door and last night she exploded through the fly screen door and came running into the house!  But.... how can you resist those eyes.

Thursday 22 January 2015

Start of a project

I mentioned a while ago that we have a potential project in the planning.  We have now received planning approval but it may be a few weeks before the building permit is sorted.  We (well......Mick) are going to build a little residence in the shed.

On Monday we signed the documents and handed over the money to buy out the co-owner of the shed so now it is officially ours.

To start with, Mick has sorted out a chook house for the feathered family.  They will live under the shelter of a tumble down old shed in the corner of the property.  At least they will have good shade.  The chook house is behind Micks rusty old truck.

His current project, while waiting for a building permit, is sorting out a bedroom in a teeny office.  I will take some photos on the weekend.

Monday 19 January 2015

Another puppy play day

I spent the day Saturday with my friend Vic, her daughters Andy and Paige, and guide dog puppy Petrina.  The dogs had a wonderful time.  Petrina is 3 months now and Klara 6 months so we locked Petrina in Klara's run so she got a chance to have a sleep.  Klara would have just kept nagging her to play. 

We played Andy and Paige's Christmas present card game after lunch.  Somehow there was a challenge that the losing team had to give both dogs a wash.  You can see below who lost!  We had a bit of fun trying to get the dogs to sit nicely to have their photo taken after their wash.  They soon discovered their favourite playing spot from last visit.

Klara enjoyed her doggie massage.... she says thanks Paige.

And, from earlier in the week is Klara in the process of destroying the back door mat.

Thursday 15 January 2015

Parisien Star cruising

We have thoroughly enjoyed reading about Parisien Star's winter cruise.  Tore and Kirsten have sent us emails and photos of their first Christmas and New Year aboard.  We are so glad they're enjoying the boat.  Who knows, maybe one day they'll be spending the whole year afloat too!

It does make us hanker for our canal life but we so much enjoy reading about it and looking at photos.  Thanks so much to Tore and Kirsten for telling us all about it.


Thursday 8 January 2015

Trying to keep cool

Both Klara and a group of kangaroos taking shelter in the shade of some trees over our fence.