Monday 19 January 2015

Another puppy play day

I spent the day Saturday with my friend Vic, her daughters Andy and Paige, and guide dog puppy Petrina.  The dogs had a wonderful time.  Petrina is 3 months now and Klara 6 months so we locked Petrina in Klara's run so she got a chance to have a sleep.  Klara would have just kept nagging her to play. 

We played Andy and Paige's Christmas present card game after lunch.  Somehow there was a challenge that the losing team had to give both dogs a wash.  You can see below who lost!  We had a bit of fun trying to get the dogs to sit nicely to have their photo taken after their wash.  They soon discovered their favourite playing spot from last visit.

Klara enjoyed her doggie massage.... she says thanks Paige.

And, from earlier in the week is Klara in the process of destroying the back door mat.

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