Tuesday 6 January 2015


It's a bit of a shock to the system having a day over 40 degrees for the first time in almost 3 years.  We had two in a row.   It's the hottest Klara has had in her short life so far and I don't think she much liked it.  We ran the tap into her plastic clam shell and she had a merry time splashing and snapping at the water coming from the tap late in the afternoon.  She slept out in her run at night and we slept on a mattress on the lounge room floor.  I sorely miss the ducted evaporative cooling in our old house.  Now we have an air conditioner in the open plan living/dining/kitchen but only ceiling fans in the bedrooms.

I went shopping Friday morning and it was 28 degrees when I left at 8.30am.  Lunchtime it was already nearly 40 degrees.  We tend to save inside household jobs for days like this when we really don't want to be outside.  I've been happily setting up my sewing room.  There has been a couple of trips to Ikea  in the last two or three weeks to get some storage cupboards. I'm very pleased with it.

We are constantly reminded of our extreme Summers by the reports of bushfires.  Friday there was 340 fires in our state.  That's frightening!  Now there are two days of lower temperatures and the fire crews are desperately trying to contain fires that have been burning for a couple of days.  With more hot, dry weather forecast in coming days they're hoping to have them under control.

It was lovely to hear that nb Winton's Folly is safely tucked up at Aston Marina.  Bravo to Ray and Gordon for a fantastic effort in moving the boat in record time.  They had some icy conditions to deal with but managed extremely well.  What a relief for Barry and Carol.  Barry had his first night back onboard and is glad to be out of hospital for the moment.  He has challenges ahead but we were so relieved to to see him happy to be home and had a lovely chat on FaceTime.

It was nice the other day when Carol called us while she sat at the breakfast table with Kate, their daughter, and granddaughters Molly and Connie.  The girls have grown so much since we last saw them and we had a great chat with them all.  Molly and Connie enjoyed calling and talking to Klara who kept walking behind the iPad looking for the people she could hear talking to her.

I emailed Carol all the comments and messages of support people have sent via the blog.  It's nice for them to know so many people are thinking of them, even those they've never met.  Thanks so much to everyone who has taken the time to write.

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