Sunday 25 January 2015

Dog walking group

We have really enjoyed the weekly dog walking group in our area.  This morning Klara someone knew it was doggie day.  She somehow knew what day it was and as we finished breakfast she was whining at the back door.  It's something she's never done before.  She all but dived in the car when I opened the car door.  It was off lead week so the group was at a fenced oval.  Definitely Klara's favourite.   It's lovely how others in the group who have bigger dogs look out for Klara when she's near their dog.  It's been a great experience for her to learn when another dog is telling her it doesn't want to play.

She's been a challenge.  Our garden hose has been chewed into several pieces, we have a constant pile of debris at the back door and last night she exploded through the fly screen door and came running into the house!  But.... how can you resist those eyes.

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