Thursday 22 January 2015

Start of a project

I mentioned a while ago that we have a potential project in the planning.  We have now received planning approval but it may be a few weeks before the building permit is sorted.  We (well......Mick) are going to build a little residence in the shed.

On Monday we signed the documents and handed over the money to buy out the co-owner of the shed so now it is officially ours.

To start with, Mick has sorted out a chook house for the feathered family.  They will live under the shelter of a tumble down old shed in the corner of the property.  At least they will have good shade.  The chook house is behind Micks rusty old truck.

His current project, while waiting for a building permit, is sorting out a bedroom in a teeny office.  I will take some photos on the weekend.

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