Tuesday 27 January 2015

Barry update

I know I haven't mentioned Barry for a while and I apologise to those who have asked what's happening and received no response.  I didn't want to say anything without Carol's ok and I kept hoping for some positive news to report.

Unfortunately the news isn't good.  Barry had surgery a couple of weeks ago to remove the main part of the brain tumour.  The result of the surgery wasn't great and he has lost the use of his right leg.  His right arm isn't working too well either.  When the pathology results came back the prognosis was grim : the tumour is fast growing and his life expectancy is short.  He has deteriorated further recently so it appears the tumour may be growing again already.

It's devastating for Carol and so very sad for Barry.  They're both in our thoughts constantly.  
We should all make the most of every single day.


Paul and El said...

Sometimes life really sucks.
Paul xx

Unknown said...

I spoke to Carol last night. Just can't believe it. Like you we think of them all the time.
Virtual group hug needed. Xx

Elly and Mick said...

It's gut wrenching!
Hugs to you too Heather.
Elly x