Friday 26 November 2010

Exchange rates.... and pick of the week - nb Rainbow Lorikeet

When we first looked at narrowboats for sale during our holiday in 2007, we were looking at what we could get for $100,000 (Australian dollars that is).  At the time it was equivalent to about £40,000.  What a difference the exchange rate fluctuations can make.  Now, in 2010, we were looking at £60,000 boats!

We have our fingers crossed that the rate won't drop back before we get to buy a boat of our own.  A lot can happen over a period of couple of years.  Look at the difference between 2007 and 2010.

This is a problem that doesn't affect most narrowboaters.  But, for those of us planning from the other side of the world it is a very important factor.  So much so that fellow Aussies Ray and Diane (coming to visit us on Sunday!), new owners of Gypsy Rover, brought forward their plans to take advantage of the favourable exchange rates.  We only wish we were in a position to do the same. It works both ways though.  For Derek and Dot, previous owners of Gypsy Rover, the huge difference in the exchange rate has worked against them. 

So every night we watch the news and check out how the Australian dollar is faring against the British Pound.  Lately it as been consistently over the .60 mark - that is 60 pence for one Aussie dollar.  We keep wishing we had money spare to buy a boat right now.  I guess we'll just have to keep buying Tattslotto tickets.

Here is our pick of the week from ABNB brokerage (wonder if Aussies named this boat.... we have Rainbow Lorikeets in our garden sometimes).  It's seems a bit expensive for its age though.

Length: 59ft 8in  
Builder: Burton Narrowboats  
Fitter-out: Severn Valley Boat Centre  
Year registered: 2004  
Style: Trad  
Safety Certificate: 2012
Engine: Shire 45hp diesel  
Bowthruster: Tube only Plating: 10/6/5/4 
Last blacked: 2009
Fit-out materials: Cabin sides, hull sides & headling in oak faced ply with oak trim  
Insulation: Spray foam
Headroom: 6ft 5in  
Berths: 2+2 
Berth sizes: 6ft 4in x 4ft 0in permanent double, 6ft 4in x 4ft 0in double on L-shape dinette

Mains Power: Landline,1800W Sterling inverter, 3.5kW Travelpower 230V alternator
Cabin heating: Eberspacher diesel c/heating > rads, diesel stove with back boiler > rads Water Heating: C/heating + stove + engine + 230V immersion > calorifier  
Water tank: 150gall stainless steel
Cooker: Spinflo Midi Prima oven & grill - gas, 800W microwave  
Fridge: LEC 4cu ft 12V  
Washer/dryer: Zanussi Aquacycle compact automatic washer  
WC: Thetford swivel seat cassette wc  
Shower: over bath with curtain
Other: Cratch & cover. One private owner from new who sells to move abroad.
Price: £59,950


Derek and Dot said...

Our motorhome arrived at the Dealers yard this week and they are holding it until the 1st March for us, hoping the weather will have improved enough for touring. Our fares are booked home for August courtesy of Qantas frequent flyer points so hopefully we have found a way around this exchange rate problem. Good luck, say hello to Ray and Diane for us.

Harpo said...

That is a seriously nice boat guys, so nice that my brother has purchased it. Sorry.

You are right though about it being a pick of the week - the owners have been meticulous in their speccing and maintenance of the boat.

The couple are delightful, and, the lady is Australian! She and her husband are going back to the family in Oz for a while.

So when you're on the cut, watch out for the RL, my brother I am sure would love to stop for a chat. After all he'll have nothing better to do!


Elly and Mick said...

Hi Paul,
What a small world it is! RL certainly did look to be a fantastic boat. Lucky for your brother! We suspected there was an Aussie connection to the original owners.
We'll be sure to remember this one now and keep an eye out when we're over there one day. Good luck to your brother!

Harpo said...

Afternoon Elly - and Mick...

I was right about John being happy to talk - he says just that in his new blog!!!

If you are interested, you can visit him here...

A word of warning though - he doesn't keep it short - one day doubtless he will convert his words into a book.

Until then he'll just be taking it slowly. :)

Happy cruising,