Friday 31 December 2010

It all begins with one little step

Today we took the first small step in the direction of our narrowboat dream. We made an offer on a house up the street from us and it was accepted!  Both the seller and us wanted a long settlement so we now have 6 months to pack up the enormous volume of stuff we've accumulated in our time at this house.  We'll put our house on the market in a few months time and hope we find a buyer at a price that leaves us enough to fulfill our dream.  How exciting!

Happy New Year to all !


Anonymous said...

Hi Elly & Mick

We seem to have journeyed on very similar paths.

We tree changed to central Victoria 12 years ago and we too have the narrow boat bug.

As we have a very old Basset who we cannot leave as she would not survive the journey nor would she if we were to leave her behind.

She is a very cherished member of our family even if she has some very peculiar habits.

Marie has the potential of working as a social worker in the UK... a big plus.

So for the moment its picking out narrow boats from the for sale ads on the net that we are, only for the moment, able to drool over.

ETA for the dream to become a reality 8 to 18 months.

Neal & Marie

nb Chance said...

Hi Mick and Elly
Enjoying your blog and hope that your narrowboat adventure will happen in the future, We have a similar situation with an elderly dog who can't go on forever, but feel very privaleged to have had him for over 13 years. We hope he makes it to the launch of our boat in April! Coco looks lovely and I'm sure would enjoy the boating experience, but we are the same travelling abroad with an elderly dog is not a reality for us. Keep up the fantastic blog and how about some pictures of Oz to all us interested readers! Regards Doug

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Neal and Marie,
Great to hear from fellow Aussies. What a small world it is. Looking forward to catching up!
Mick and Elly

Elly and Mick said...

Doug, Thanks for the positive feedback. I had hoped we'd get some feedback from experienced narrowboaters eventually but didn't know if anyone was reading! I only know if someone's reading the blog from a comment or the Followers list. We've made contact with two new Aussie couples who are planning like we are so that has made it worthwhile. We're pleased to see we are reaching a wider audience. We're going to need all the advice we can get!
Elly and Mick