Sunday 16 January 2011

The thing about gum trees

Gum trees are notorious for losing limbs or just falling over.  I try to never park my car under a gum tree - especially if it is wet or windy. There have been tragic instances in recent years of campers being crushed in the night by a falling gum after pitching their tent beneath a gum tree.  The drought has caused the trees to have shallow roots and now with the ground being soft and waterlogged the past week there have been trees down all over the place.  Twice I've had to turn the car around and go another way due to a tree having fallen across a road.

Yesterday we had a couple of problems of our own.  Two trees simply fell over.  One fell across our side fence and the other onto our chicken run.  There's some damage to be repaired but at least it wasn't the chicken coop itself, just the yard.  They freerange during the day so it will be interesting tonight to see how willing they are to go to bed after all the noise of clearing the larger limbs.  The wire inside is hanging down into their yard and all day the chickens have kept as far away as possible. 

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