Saturday 11 October 2014

One year, two years 10/11 October

We had a conversation that we haven't thought of for a while...... what were we doing a year ago?  Well, a year ago we had a visit from my brother, Anthony and his wife, Leanne.  How lovely it was to see people from home and to show them our beloved nb Parisien Star.  We so much enjoyed our time moored in Birmingham and it was a great place to meet up with Anthony and Leanne as they came in by train.

And two years ago?  Well, two years ago we were unpacking 10 boxes of belongings!  Wow, what a day that was.  We were having a tough time of the preparations to leave the marina but very excited about the beginning of our big adventure.

I suspect the "what were we doing" discussion will come up often in years to come. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Elle & Mick,
Just on 12 months since we came back, and "The Lady C" is still foremost in our minds in our reflective moments. We do hope that you have settled back into the life "Down-under" with the same enthusiasm given to life on "Parisien Star". We miss the lifestyle terribly, and feel certain we will be back to do the Northern canals sometime in the not too distant future. Meanwhile, I am back at work, and we are getting accustomed to being "empty nesters" for the first time. Having said that , our Kate arrives back from London for a brief 2 week visit (for a wedding) before heading back there again. Sounds like a good reason for us to head that direction too!!
Again best wishes,
Jenny & Frank.
PS Love the sooty new addition to the family.:-)

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Jenny and Frank,
Lovely to hear from you! We miss the lifestyle afloat terribly too. We so often think of all the folk we met along the way, especially the Aussies. It takes a while to settle back in doesn't it.
Do keep in touch,
Elly & Mick