Tuesday, 11 November 2014


As is usual for this time of year the green grass of Spring has disappeared.  It seems to happen overnight.  Now as we drive around our area we are surrounded by the familiar brown of the Aussie countryside.

The weekend before we went to check out an exhibition at "Shades of Gray" in Castlemaine.  They make some fabulous things from rusty old metal.  It was well worth a look.

This weekend we had a very hot Saturday.  The thermometer outside the back door read 35 degrees in the afternoon.  Klara enjoyed a little paddle in her pool.  She's growing at an alarming rate and has put on 1.2 kilos each of the last 3 weeks.   It's funny to watch her confusion over why she can't seem to get under the couch any more.  What a bundle of energy she is.  The latest game is to rush over and grab a tea towel from the rack as soon as she's let in the house.  Then she races over and jumps on the couch..... both things she knows full well she isn't allowed to do.  She is challenging us!

Sunday we had a visit from Kelvin and Rachael, fellow Victorians that we met in the UK earlier in the year.  They bought nb Serafina and will be doing 5 months cruising each year.  Shame we didn't get to check out Serafina before we left the UK but we did have a catch up with Kelvin and Rachael during our last day on nb Parisien Star.   That day seems an eternity ago now! 

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