Wednesday 20 May 2015

Getting ready to move.... again

It's taken a while but Mick's made a start on proceedings out at the shed.  There was so much to do to prepare temporary living quarters that the actual building project took a back seat for a bit.  Now the formwork for the concrete slab (our first house built on concrete!) is in progress after a messy and tiring few days for Mick in cutting trenches in the existing concrete slab to lay the pipe work. We feel like we are finally on our way.

We will be moving on Friday as we now have a tenant lined up for the house. The cupboards are mostly empty and we're down to the essentials. I feel like I've done nothing but packing and driving back and forth to the shed.  It's nice to be able to do the moving over a couple of weeks rather than all in one day like is usually the case.

Klara and I got a bit of a shock the other night when I took her out to do her business before bed.  We do have a street light just down from us and it casts enough light to see your way around our front yard for the most part but we have a large tree that blocks the light on one side.  I walked down and just as I passed the tree there was a rustle and a loud thud and an old man kangaroo jumped right in front of me.  I'm not sure who had the bigger fright.... me... Klara.... or the roo!  He took two more bounds and was over the front fence and out of sight.  Klara decided she'd finished whatever she was doing and raced to the back door to go back inside.

I've been remiss in photo taking out at the shed..... due mainly to the fact that it appears I've packed the camera charger!  I will take some on my phone.  Soon!

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