Monday 8 February 2016

House - busy Monday

Today was a huge day of progress on the house!

The Caesarstone benchtops arrived.
The split system heater/cooler was installed.
The last of the lights fittings were put in.
The power was connected.

I picked up parcels from the post office..... a very heavy box containing all the cupboard/drawer door handles.  After searching high and low for what is a very common type handle but being unable to find it anywhere in chrome, we ordered them from a UK company!  Sad isn't it when you can have them shipped direct to you cheaper than buying them in a shop. 

In the afternoon Mick and I went to Bendigo to knock off a few items from out list.  We ordered the blinds (paying a hefty deposit), ordered a shower screen, bought a new shower head (the plumber put the outlet so low that the previous one we bought is now so low we can't stand under it!), and finally bought some LED globes for the pendant lights in the kitchen.  When we toted up the financial damage for the day we discovered that in one day we're paying out near on 10% of our total budget. Ouch!!!

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