Thursday 23 September 2010

A visit to England

We're both really excited to be heading off to England.  We'll spend some time looking at narrowboats and getting a better idea of what we'll be able to afford when the time comes to buy our own boat.  We're armed with a list of marinas (thanks Ray) and hope we'll refine our priority list of what features are important to us in a boat.  And... we'll try to meet up with a couple of the narrowboat bloggers we've been in touch with.

Tomorrow I'm flying to Frankfurt to visit my long time friend in Germany and then the week after Mick will join me in London for a couple of weeks in England.  We are also looking forward to spending some time with Mick's half brother who we only met for the first time on our 2007 trip to England.

We'll have some new narrowboat photos to add to our blog soon!

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Northern Pride said...

Hope all is going well and look forward to possibly meeting up!
Sandra & Barry