Friday 17 September 2010

We'll have to sell our house!

It took us some time to get our heads around the idea of selling our house in order to finance our narrowboat plans.  It’s been a real labour of love (mostly Mick’s) to renovate this house.   What started as a barely livable wreck 11 years ago took 7 years to become the much loved home we have today.

What made the decision easier was the fact that the first sections of our renovation were looking in need of renovation!  This is partly because the first couple of years that we had this house it was intended as a weekender that we might one day retire to.  The fairly basic cooking facilities would suit us fine until the time came that we wanted to move here full time.  Little did we know that in not much more than 3 years we would have sold up in Melbourne and be living here permanently. 

Now the kitchen has had its second update and some repainting has been done.  The more we look around the more we can see that it will be a never ending process.  Weatherboard houses just don’t stay looking good without constant maintenance.

So we’re hoping our next house will require a little less maintenance.  We won’t be so choosy about it being an historic house this time.  As long as we have enough space for a vegetable garden we’ll be happy.  We’d still like a house with some sort of character.

We have a bit of a unique position in our town.  We are only a 10 minute walk from the shops, our land is less than 1 acre, yet it is difficult to see a neighbouring house.  Our property is bounded by only the road and crown land that will never be built on.  We know we won’t find this again and we will very much miss the lovely private location.



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