Monday 25 August 2014

Spring is in the air

We are seeing signs of Spring everywhere we look and Winter isn't officially over yet!  We have had days that have been mild enough for tshirts in the sun.  I just hope it isn't a sign of a hot Summer coming.  That wouldn't be nice at all.

Mick has been happily working on the carport.  No, his new posts aren't crooked in the photo below.  The fence and the old shed are crooked.  He also put me up some shelving in the pantry.  It looks great and I'm pleased to have it sorted out in there now.

With Spring just around the corner we have also made a start on somewhere to grow veggies.  A couple of sections cut from an old water tank made a good place to start.   We have a second chook laying now too.  She had a bit of a shaky start and we thought she was egg-bound with her first egg but she eventually came good and is quickly a regular in the nest box.
And..... we are on the lookout for a Labrador puppy.  There are a few litters due in the next month so we are hoping one might bring us a new family member.

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