Saturday 30 August 2014

Very nice last week of Winter

We have had gorgeous weather for the last week of Winter.  Blue skies, sunshine and mild temperatures.  Today, being the last day of Winter, was positively balmy!  

We went to Geelong for a drive and when we sat in a cafe for lunch half the clientele were dressed in Summer clothing.  The temperature was 21 degrees.  We visited one of our favourite places.... the Mill Market.  This was the "vintage" one and we thoroughly enjoyed trawling through the stalls.  

Yesterday I went to Bunnings (like B&Q UK) and bought some seedlings for the veggie tubs.  We can't wait for it to all start growing.  Finally.... finally.... we feel like this is home.  We have chickens scratching in the yard, a couple of good veggie tubs and have good progress on puppy preparation.

The wattle is past it's peak now but some varieties are still bright yellow.  The magpie outside our back door is sitting on her nest and the crimson rosellas are everywhere.  The last 2 photos below were on a misty morning on my way to work.  


Jennifer said...

Looks spectacular, so glad you are finally settling in - all takes time. Animals make a house a home. We are on the Macclesfield Canal heading to the Upper Peak - weather still quite good. Jennifer & Peter nb Mactra's Filia

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Jennifer and Peter,
We were wondering how you were going.
You're right about having a pets in the house. We can't wait to have a dog again!
Happy cruising.