Wednesday 24 September 2014

Spring weather

It's been increasingly warm as we get into our first month of Spring.  The weather forecast says it will reach high twenties on Sunday.  We've even been walking around in tshirts and bare feet!  We've been out in the garden on the weekend, preparing a bed for a herb garden.  Klara was very helpful in this process, digging her way to China.  The veggie tubs are growing well too.

Mick and I went for a walk up the hills behind where we live on Sunday.  It's such a beautiful time of year with wildflowers appearing everywhere.  We are definitely appreciating our home through fresh eyes.

The other night we had a FaceTime chat with Barry and Carol.  It was just after dinner so "turbo time" for Klara.  She was jumping and nipping to get out attention so after they'd said hello to her.... she looked at the ipad screen with her head cocked to one side.... we put her outside the back door while we finished our chat.  Ten minutes later we went to get her and she had decided it was bedtime and gone in her kennel to sleep.  She didn't want to come out!  She reluctantly crept out and went straight to her laundry bed.  Not a peep til morning.

Mick went out yesterday to sweep Klara's diggings off the path.  She went mad over the broom!  It's probably not the smartest thing to make the broom a fun game but she just loved it.


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