Monday 29 September 2014


This week Klara's had a bit of an upset stomach.  With a bit of advice from the breeder we seem to have overcome the problem now.  Luckily she was still her usual boisterous self and kept eating and drinking well.

It's been a big weekend of visitors.  Saturday my mum, sister, and 3 nieces came to visit.  We've been battling Klara nipping and biting all the time and I was worried how she'd go with three little girls squealing and darting around.  Much to my amazement she was an angel.  She ran around with them and rolled in the grass without any overexcited biting.  The couple of hours with the kids tired her out.

Sunday my brother and his wife came up from Melbourne, bringing Zac, their miniature Schnauzer.  This was Klara's first doggie visitor.  She bounded up to Zac with rather a lot of enthusiasm and he barked at her.  She came rushing to the back door crying like a baby!  We tried not to make a fuss and just stood outside chatting while they sorted things out between them.  Zac isn't much bigger than Klara so he was a good practice for her.  And, he's an older dog so not boisterous at all.

The baby magpies in the nest near out back door are incredibly noisy at the moment.  It won't be long until they're flying.  Today they were perching on the edge of the nest.

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