Tuesday 7 July 2015

House - Trusses

Mick has the roof trusses up on the house and all the inside walls are framed up too.  It means we can walk around the rooms of the house and see how they will look.  We've had a stream of visitors checking it out and Klara trots around from one room to the next.  She's not terribly helpful with barking at the noise of Mick's power tools.

We've had some icy cold days, lovely blue skies and gorgeous sunsets.  I really do love Winter, but the minus 4 degrees the other morning was a bit extreme. 


Ade said...

Coming on well Elly, Micks doing a great job by the look of it.
Is the roof temporary over the building? Or will it be the roof of the final house?

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Ade,
The roof has to stay. We would ordinarily not be allowed to build a residence on this property but got permission if it's under the existing roofline. It doesn't bother us as it will be a good buffer from the Summer sun. We were allowed to take down part of the back wall so our windows will all face North.
Roof is going on today!