Sunday 21 June 2015

House - frame

It's been a very busy few weeks for us.  There's been a stream of selections and orders and payments and deliveries.  We've been looking at windows, doors, flooring and wallpaper and we have piles of timber everywhere!  Mick is thoroughly enjoying himself with building this house.  The frame has popped up in no time at all.  We were just saying today that it's 20 years since we last built a brand new house.  It's so different to renovating.

We have settled in to our temporary living quarters.  It is now well into Winter and it's been really cold.  There have been many icy mornings but in true Aussie style the sky is quickly blue.  The only danger with these below zero nights is our water pipes freezing.  They aren't domestic ones and not insulated.  It's a bitter night tonight so we will see if we have water in the morning.

Klara has settled in well too and it seems she now considers it her place.  She has begun barking when a strange car comes in the driveway which we are glad about.  We are very pleased that all the hard work in her puppyhood is paying off.  She's such a good girl.  The front gate can be left open now and she doesn't wander out, plus we seem to have resolved the "pulling on the lead problem".  She trots along nicely on her walks.

We did have one small hiccup since our weekend in Melbourne at Vic's place.  Klara saw the other dogs on the sofa and although she didn't follow them up there at Vic's place, she did decide it was worth a try at home.  I opened the living room door to find this!  She quickly learned it wasn't an option at our house.


Paul and El said...

Im the house being built in the shed, then will the shed be demolished.

Confused of Bollington x

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Bollys,
The condition of getting planning permission to reside on land that would usually never get residential permission was to build under the existing roofline. So, what you see in that photo is how it will stay. We were able to remove the section of wall to have windows facing North because you can't see that from the street. the council told us there's no way we would be able to build a residence on this property but a savvy consultant got the deal done on this basis. We were very limited in the size of the building but with just two of us and access to an enormous shed, it's fine with us. As long as I have a sewing room!
Elly x