Wednesday 3 June 2015

Living in a huge shed

We've had a huge couple of weeks with moving house yet again.  So now we are back to living in a small space..... we've had a bit of practice at that.

We even had our first overnight guests!  Friday night my brother, Anthony, and his wife, Leanne, came up after work to stay overnight.  It was the first couple of hours drive of their month long drip driving to Darwin and back.  Luckily they will be camping on their trip so didn't bat an eyelid at having to set up their camp stretcher out in the shed.  And, luckily it wasn't a terribly cold night.

Mick is happy as a lark to be out here.  He keeps saying how much he loves it and how happy he is. He had an impromptu first building inspection in the dark last night after the building inspector called to say he had a funeral to attend so had to re-schedule his inspections.  Unfortunately when you have concrete coming the inspection has to be done!

So here's our work in progress and current living quarters.  The kitchen, bathroom and laundry are at one end of the shed and the bedroom and living room at the other.  It can be a rather cold walk from one to the other.


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