Wednesday 3 June 2015

Klara - growing up

Klara is growing into such a dear little girl.  We haven't had anything destroyed or stolen in a long time.  Oh, except when I put a box with apples in it down beside the door while I unlocked it, only to turn around and find her chomping happily on an apple!

She has settled in well at the shed and seems to enjoy having open space around.  It's colder overnight here and it was below zero the other morning.  I bought Klara a little coat and she seems to like that.  She isn't too keen on her new "run" but we need to have somewhere safe to lock her up while trucks make deliveries that need to go in "her side" of the yard.


NB Lady Esther said...

Hi both
Just to let you know we have got planning for our build and it will start in July so after going north to Macclesfield canal ( very wet cold and windy May ) we are heading South to Banbury and local canals to keep in touch with the process.Glad all is going well for you both still love reading the blog xx Angie and Dave

Elly and Mick said...

Great news that you have your project ready to go. You will have to send us photos!
Enjoy your Summer cruising. We think of you often..... always with a smile for that very funny evening.
Elly xxx