Thursday 8 October 2015

Carol in Oz - Berri, Renmark, Mildura

Today we crossed the border back into Victoria on the homeward stretch of our journey. First we drove from Lyndoch to Waikerie and had a look at the river foreshore.

Then onto Berri where we had frittata and salad for lunch on a cafe balcony overlooking the Murray River.  It's wider and tidier around the edges at this end compared to Echuca.

Next was Renmark where we bought a takeaway coffee and sat at a table on the wide grassy river edge. We watched a duck family with 15 youngsters. Mum and dad clambered onto the bank followed by the bigger 10 or so of their large brood. The last few struggled and struggled with mum's encouragement to get out but they were just too small. Eventually the walk was abandoned and everybody returned to reunite the family in the water.

On the road again I had a moments panic when it became apparent there was absolutely nothing between Renmark and Mildura and I had slightly underestimated the petrol usage.  I slowed down to 80km an hour and hoped we would find petrol before the centre of Mildura. All was well. 150km without a shop or house!

We are spending our last night in a Mildura motel.  First we had a little drive around to check out my childhood holiday location.  Its changed a bit in 30 years. I took a photo for my mum of the little beach where we spent so many Summers. On the way we had a large goanna cross the road.  It was the biggest I've seen in it's natural environment.  Shame we couldnt get a camera out in time.

Tomorrow we will be home again and I will post some photos of our trip.  It will be great to see Mick's progress with the house.

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