Friday 16 October 2015

House - ceilings and floors

Mick's made some great progress on the house.  We have ceilings and floors now!  There was a lot of work involved in those two things.  All the timber lining boards for the ceilings have been sprayed with undercoat.  The floor first needed to be framed up and insulated before the particleboard sheets could be laid.  We also have internal doors - lovely old solid timber doors that look like they have come from a factory office.  Mick bought them years ago for his collection of "I'll use this one day" items.  There were four doors and we have only four doors off the little hallway.  Perfect.

Now Mick's taken a week off work and is busy insulating and lining the internal walls.  We have Garry's son, Eamon, doing some work for us for a couple of days.  He's tackling Mick's most hated job - flat pack kitchen cabinets. 

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