Sunday 1 November 2015

Back to routine

We feel like we have been back to our usual routine for a bit.  Carol flew to Sydney for a week of sightseeing and we reclaimed our bedroom. Our mornings getting ready for work have been rather muddled with most of our stuff being in the lounge room and Carol still in bed meant we were having breakfast standing at the kitchen bench.

Now we are back to how things were before (Mick does like routine) and Carol sleeps in the tent.  She doesn't seem to mind it and I certainly didn't mind sleeping in there.  As it has turned out we don't even need to be particularly quiet.  Carol snores on regardless!

Carol had a couple of days rest after Sydney. She walked to Garry's on Friday to check out the newborn lambs.

I saw a bargain airfare advertised on Thurssay morning. Melbourne to Uluru for $109. Thursday night we spent some time on the Internet and Carol now has a few days visiting Uluru in her itinerary. That's an unexpected extra for her and very exciting. What a bargain!

A little bird made her nest inside the shed ceiling, just beside the tent.  The hatchlings cheeped madly.  This morning mum took them flying but one little baby couldn't work out how to get out.  It kept trying to get through the window so Carol helped it on its way.

I also encountered the first snake of the season. It was in the middle of the road just around the corner from us.  Hope they keep away.  Mick is diligent about keeping the grass down so we hope not having good coverage will deter them.

The house is coming along nicely. The lining board walls are well under way and there has been a flurry of activity on my days off work with quotes and measurements and decisions to make.  Our bank account is dwindling fast.

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