Tuesday 17 November 2015

House - Walls

It has been a big job but all the wall lining is now finished in the house.  We chose timber lining boards for most of the walls and that meant undercoating them all before they went up.  For the first time in all the renovating and building projects we've done since we first lived together, Mick decided to pay a painter to spray the lining board with undercoat (except he ran out and had to go and buy some more).  Mick hates painting and every house he has sworn will be the last one he paints.  He does pretty much every other job in the building process which saves us a lot of money.  Why do the one you really hate doing?!

The final paint colour still needs to be applied and one wall with wallpaper.  The kitchen cupboards are all made up and in a huge pile in the shed.  The flooring will be collected this week, the pantry, bookshelving, entrance , bathroom and laundry cupboards are underway and the timber for the kitchen benchtops and bathroom and laundry countertops is sitting in the carport.  My long list of things to choose and order is finally beginning to shrink just a little.  Mick says he's about 70% of the way through the project now.

Meanwhile we are enjoying having a little veggie patch again.


Catherine H said...

Hi Elly, Still reading along on your blog, as I am interested in your house building. Was there any special reason you chose wooden wall lining, other than you like it? It would be much more labour intensive than gyprock. Does it have better insulating properties? Just curious. Catherine

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Catherine,
It really was just that we like it and it's something different to boring old plasterwork. I suspect the insulation rating would be higher than plaster though. It's also more forgiving if you need to patch a hole and a mark or damage is less obvious anyway because the surface isn't such a large smooth and expanse. Definitely more labour intensive!
We can't wait to see the end result because at the moment it does look like an awful lot of lining boards. Once there is furniture in it should be a little less overpowering.