Saturday 5 March 2011

Pick of the week - Rowan Jacob

This one is from Harral Brokerage.  Comments on boat builders would be most welcome.
There isn't a huge amount of info on this boat but it seems like it could suit.
Positives : Good size wardrobe,
Negatives : Dinette is L-shaped,

Name: Rowan Jacob
Price: £49,950
Style: Trad
Length: 57 feet
Year: 2006
Builder:  Triton Boatfitters on a John White shell
Large living room, solid fuel stove, L-shaped dinette,  cassette wc.  Vetus 42hp, inverter plus charger, solar panel. 

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Peter Berry said...

There are zillions of narrowboat builders around. The current financial situation is busy seeing some of them off. Different ones specialize in different aspects, bespoke, off the peg, different styles such as replicas, tugs etc. or standard. Some of the best names that come to mind are S.M Hudson, Tyler Wilson, Stowe Hill Marine. These will build a bespoke boat to your requirements, of a style of your choice. They will be expensive, and consequently will also be expensive on the used market. At the other end you have Dragon Narrowboats, (ours), Liverpool Boats, John White, who all build standard off the peg stuff, and consequently will be cheaper. The trick is to be able to identify which boat fits where on the used market, and then don't pay over the odds for the one of your choice. Sources of info are here. The first one to get an idea of prices together with brand is:
The second is just a list of all boat builders: Regards, Peter