Sunday 27 March 2011

Selling our house

Firstly, I accidentally posted my draft of the next pick of the week!  Oh well, I have a few on my list at the moment.

We had originally intended to wait until Spring to sell our house.  Then, in light of me leaving my job (will we be able to finance another mortgage for 6 months or more?) and having spoken to our local real estate agent (who feels there's still plenty of buyers in Winter just not so many houses for sale) we decided we'd put the house on the market in June after our long weekend in New Zealand (don't you love those discount fares - $417 return for 2 of us!!). 

It was our 17th wedding anniversary yesterday and we went out for dinner.  It was a chance to talk about all this without interruption, and without the stress of my last week of work looming being at the forefront of my mind.  We went through the list of things we want to do around the house before we sell it.  The list really wasn't as daunting as we'd first thought.  Mick has made great progress in setting up our storage area out at his shed/workshop and he's taken quite a lot of the stuff from his shed at home already.  I can now really get stuck into packing boxes, with somewhere to take them all.

So now we're planning to spend the Easter break getting those things done and as soon as it's complete we'll ring the real estate agent.  We might be now looking at the end of April!  Or maybe into May.....

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