Tuesday 8 March 2011

Why didn't I have this on my "to do " list!

I don't know why I didn't think to put this on my list of things to be done before we can begin our adventure but it certainly should have been.  Yesterday I resigned from my job.  I had thought I would be doing this a couple of months before we were going - unless it was possible to take extended long service leave. 

Things at work have been difficult for a good couple of years and since Christmas I've become increasingly stressed about it.  Last Thursday morning I woke up and decided that on Monday I'd tell my employers I was leaving.  I haven't found new employment to go straight into but I have to give 4 weeks notice so I'm sure things will work out.  I'm hoping to find something that I can at least partly do from home and maybe I can continue doing some of that work while we're cruising.

I knew it would be difficult.  I first worked for these guys at 20 years old.  I had a couple of years break when my health was letting me down but it's now almost 12 years since they convinced me to come back.  It was a traumatic day yesterday.  I felt sad, the nice boss was sad, the other staff were sad. The only staff member who causes grief in the office doesn't work Mondays so at least I didn't have to deal with her. The stressful boss wasn't in either and I know he won't just let me quietly work out my notice.  So today will be.... well.... stressful.

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