Sunday 12 June 2011

Home... by the skin of our teeth!

We had a lovely few days in New Zealand but it's a big relief to be home again now.  It seems we were on one of the last flights allowed to land!  Dozens of flights, and thousands of passengers, have been grounded due to a volcanic ash cloud from South America.  We were late in leaving Auckland and there appeared to be a fair amount of discussion going on among the ground crew while we waited.  Eventually we were on our way with a warning that it would be a much longer trip than usual because we'd be making a wide detour over Brisbane to approach Melbourne from the North.  If you look at the direction from Auckland to Melbourne, Brisbane is a long way off the usual direction.

I only took a couple of photos on my phone, a camera with a flat battery isn't much use!  More about our time in New Zealand tomorrow.

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