Saturday 25 June 2011

No Problem stats and other boaters

Ok. ok, so now I'm fascinated by how much or little people cruise.  There's such a huge variation!  I think perhaps there's a difference in whether the boaters are UK retirees, Aussies/Kiwis, or other types of continuous cruisers.  It seems the Aussie/Kiwi contingent travel a lot more.  It makes sense though - you've travelled from the other side of the world, more often than not on a limited timeframe (whether it's 6 months like Northern Pride, or a year or two), and you want to see as much as you can in that time.  UK retirees would see things from a more leisurely viewpoint.  There's more family and friends to catch up with, and a more open ended time frame.

nb Northern Pride (2009) - 180 miles per month
nb Gypsy Rover AU - 120 miles per month
nb Gypsy Rover NZ - 100 miles per month
nb Epiphany - 80 miles per month
nb No Problem - 67 miles per month

nb No Problem in more detail from the summary I made :
Year 1 - 71 miles per month
Year 2 - 69 miles per month
Year 3 - 56 miles per month
Year 4 - 49 miles per month
Year 5 - 66 miles per month
Year 6 - 83 miles per month
Year 7 - 73 miles per month (less one week)

There are many factors that have made a difference to the miles travelled in a year - iced in Winters, being caught up in floods, mechanical break downs, illness or injury, and there were a couple of occasions where Sue appeared to have lost the plot and couldn't remember what they had done!

Hmm... I have a feeling when we finally get there that I'll be keeping all sorts of records and statistics.  My younger brother is even more obsessed with this stuff than I am.  I'm sure he'll have other ideas of what records we should keep!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Elly & Mick,

Have you not noticed some of my stats when we go out? I don't do miles cos we don't do many, so it's all about "alternative stats" eg:
No of cows passed along the way
No of tractors spotted etc, it's much more fun lol

PS; Having to post as ANON, Blogspot's not playin'

Takey Tezey Heth