Thursday 28 July 2011

Big changes

Our life over the last few years had settled into a comfortable routine.  We went to work, saved for holidays, enjoyed growing our own vegies, browsing antique shops... life was relaxed and predictable.  Then we came up with the idea of buying a narrowboat and cruising the canals of England.  To eventually achieve this we had to make some changes in our lives.

The last year has been huge for us!  First we bought a half share in an enormous shed.  We had in mind that this would be the place for us to store our household while we're away.  Another mortgage.  Then we had a trip to England so we could look at boats and confirm in our minds that this was what we wanted to do.  Getting to meet Ray on nb Gypsy Rover and Barry and Sandra on nb Northern Pride showed us we really could do it.

Then before Christmas we discovered a house up the road from us was going to be sold.  As we like our little corner of the world and we thought the price might be in a range that would enable us to achieve our dream, we made an offer on New Years Eve and it was accepted.

Not part of the narrowboat plan (not yet anyway!) was me leaving my job but that's what happened in April.  This was a huge change!  It was a change to our financial situation as well as our lifestyle.

Then we were packing and selling off our belongings.  The house started to look a bit different to how it had been the last 8 or so years.  We packed and cleaned and dealt with maintenance and before we knew it we had the agent taking photos and putting the house on the internet for sale.  Wow.... we thought we'd be living here into our old age. 

I agreed in June to do some work from home for one of the partners at the job I'd left.  This would get our finances back in order.  My work life is so different now to what it was a few months ago.  More variety. At the end of June we took possession of the house up the road. Now there was more work to do and yet another mortgage!

So it's been huge, this last year, and all because of a narrowboat dream.

Today Diane (nb Gypsy Rover AU) drove up for the day from Melbourne.  Mick came home for lunch and enjoyed looking at Diane's photos of their time so far on their narrowboat.  When he sat down with me this evening he said "I went back to work after looking at Diane's photos and something occurred to me.  We really are going to do this!"  Well.... yes.... I'm kind of thinking we are too.  I certainly hope so after having turned our lives upside down!!

Here we are.. Diane and I

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