Sunday 3 July 2011

Up the road

We settled on the purchase of the house we bought up the street on Thursday.  A bit of a non-event when you aren't actually moving immediately.  Plus, we already had the house keys so nothing much seemed to happen except the solicitor rang and said all had gone through, and we now have a new loan.

Mick has finally relented to taking Fridays off again.  He did this for several years while we renovated but had slowly slipped back into working the whole week.  Now with a new project he's decided to work a four day week again.  Friday morning saw him up bright and early, rushing through breakfast and off up the street.  I rushed to get dressed so I could take a few photos before he started destroying the place.  Every time I intend to take photos of the houses we've bought before he starts but when he's on a mission there is no stopping him.  Luckily this time he had to pull down a section of the tumble down front fence to allow for a large rubbish skip to be delivered.  It gave me a chance to take a few photos.

By lunchtime one of the chimneys was down, the old slow combustion stove was out and the living room and kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off.  I went back and forth between home and the new house while running errands, ordering things, making phone calls.  Saturday was another busy day - the carpet has all been removed and the wall between living room and kitchen is almost gone.  We had an inspection by prospective buyers at our place so I rushed around tidying and cleaning and took the dogs (we're dog sitting for my brother and his girlfriend) up to the new place.  There was a fair stream of curious neighbours and other town locals wanting to see what we'd bought and what we planned to do with it. 

This list of what is to be done at the house has grown a little.  Mick has decided he wants to fit out the walk in pantry now rather than when we return from England.  We're going to have it like a little butler's pantry with a window, a sink and benchtop with cupboards under.  It will be great to have somewhere to keep electrical kitchen appliances for easy use without them being in view.  We're also going to buy a new hot water service now as the old one is the sort that's in the ceiling and the water pressure is terrible. 

As if he hasn't enough to think about right now, Mick came home late yesterday afternoon saying he's worked out where we can have our walled garden when we come back from England!  Goodness, that's a way off!  We haven't even left yet!!

1. Kitchen and dining with loungeroom to the right.
2. The kitchen.
3. Loungeroom.
4. Pantry.


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