Tuesday 5 July 2011

Work, work, work

I've had a fairly relaxed 3 months since I finished up at my very long term job in Melbourne.  With between 6-10 hours per week doing a couple of little jobs we've kept afloat but we're not saving anything.  It's been a busy time anyway with getting the house ready to sell and packing up but I wasn't quite sure where I'd go from here.

I had coffee with "the nice boss" a few weeks ago.   He's been under a bit of pressure of late with two more accountants resigning since I left.  He asked if I'd consider coming back to just do his work.   Noooooooo!!!!!  Actually I said I'd think about it and I would possibly consider doing his work if I could do so from home.  There is no way I want to work in the office again.  Too stressful.

Mick and I talked about it at length.  I've been happy and definitely relaxed in recent weeks.  Would it be possible to go back to doing that work without getting stressed?   And more importantly, would it be possible to avoid getting dragged back into doing work for the stressful boss.  We've tried this before and it didn't work.  He just seems to know which buttons to press... a bit of emotional blackmail.  I've just worked for them for too long.  Eventually we came to the decision that I should give it a try.  If I lay down the terms and stick to them rigidly, maybe we can make it work.

I discussed it all with Mr Nice Boss and we came to an agreement.  I'll go to the office on Mondays to collect work and return and review completed work.  No stress.  I went in last week to meet the IT guy at the office and he set up my remote access on my laptop.  I'm all ready to go.

Now wouldn't it be nice if this arrangement worked out well and I could continue doing this work on our narrowboat!!

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