Wednesday 14 September 2011

Farewell Diane

I've enjoyed a few catch-ups with Diane of nb Gypsy Rover AU while she's been home to Melbourne.  It's been great to hash over the dozens of questions I seem to constantly have about life afloat.  And... I didn't have to type them!

Last night Diane flew off back to Ray and their boat to really start off on their life afloat.  Banjo the dog is with them now so this is how life will be for them for the foreseeable future. Idyllic!

It's likely the next time we see Diane it will be when we're in England starting our own adventure.  With Ray having to return to Melbourne for a work visit in the first half of next year we hope we'll see him then.  Come up for a country visit Ray.

We look forward to reading of your travels.

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