Friday 9 September 2011

Only my mum.... again!

"What happend to your arm, Mum?"  (nasty looking round sore on her inside fore-arm)
"I'm not telling you."
"C'mon Mum.  What happened?!"
"You'll laugh at me."
"Tell me.  I'll try not to laugh"

She had decided to remove one of the armchairs from the living room - it was too cramped.  She couldn't wait until her partner came home so she pushed and shoved but the chair was wider than the doorway.  She tipped it on an angle to try and fit it through the door.  Somehow, and this is the part that could only happen to my mum, she got it wedged in the doorway with the weight of the chair pinching a chunk of skin on her arm between the chair and the doorway.  So now she was one handed and couldn't find a way to lift the chair up to release her pinched arm.  In the end she had no choice but to pull her arm away - leaving behind the chunk of skin! Ouch!!! 

I tried, I really did.  When she got to the bit about trying to get the chair through the door I was starting to laugh.  Somehow I just knew what would come next.  I couldn't help it!  It seems so mean to laugh about your mum hurting herself but honestly, how many different ways can one woman hurt herself!? 

Hope it's feeling better soon, Mum. xx

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