Sunday 23 October 2011

America so far

We've had a very long drive this week - all the way from Paducah, Kentucky to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  We did the 14 or so hours over 2 days but it was still a tiring drive.  Now we're settled in the little house we rented in the town named Intercourse.... yes, really... it's called Intercourse.  It's a big Amish community in this area and the town is very tourist orientated.  There's heaps of antique shops and gift shops etc.  All was fairly quiet when we arrived at 6pm last night but today the town is buzzing with people and tour buses!

So far we've spent a couple of days in LA, a couple of days in Williamsburg, Virginia, a couple of days at the Pleasant Hill Shaker village in Kentucky, a couple of days with my friend Sheri at her house in Versailles, Kentucky, then a couple of days in Paducah, Kentucky and another couple of days driving here to Pennsylvania.

Now we don't have to pack and unpack for a week.  We're going to New York city by train for one night but we'll be able to leave the rest of our luggage behind at the house.

My other US friend, Erin, flew in late yesterday afternoon to spend a few days with us.  We picked her up at the airport on our way in.  It looks like it will be a real girls weekend - there's already been a lot of giggling going on (mostly Tammy - yes Kelsie, she's still giggling).

I'm enjoying looking at all the quilt shops in the area and we'll drive to some more tomorrow.  Sunday we're planning to drive around and check out some of the covered bridges in Lancaster County.

Last Sunday we went to eat at a place called Chuys in Lexington, Kentucky.  They say it "Choo-ees".  Goodness, it was just how I imagined an American diner would be.  Here's some photos.

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