Sunday 2 October 2011

Storage and the big shed

With my trip to America looming we've been back into storage mode.  We're thinking if we were to sell the house while I was away it would cause us a bit of an issue with getting the house packed up in time for settlement. 

Mick has built me a couple of runs of shelving to store the boxes containing our household items and the shelving is set up now in our storage room.  He has the other side of the doorway for his workshop bits and pieces.  He's built a mezzanine to store a lot of the furniture.  I've started taking boxes out there so I have room to pack more back at home.  It feels like progress.

As for the shed itself, it is Mick's pride and joy.  To him, there simply couldn't be a better "big boy's toy".  There is our storage room behind a large workshop.  The guy we own the property with has started working from here.  There is an open area alongside that is currently rented for machinery storage by the previous owner, an area set aside for renting out as storage in the future, a huge open ended under cover area that you can drive through and my favourite is a derelict old shed in the corner of the block.

Here's what it looks like :
Our storage room from the doorway - yes, it's messy!

Looking back at the door from the mezzanine.  Shelving both sides of the door.
Open area of the old apple packing shed

And looking back the other way.  Our storage room door at end right.

The workshop
Under cover area

The back of the property.  We have plans for this strip of land!

Workshop door

Derelict old shed on the property

Future storage rental area

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