Thursday 13 October 2011

Off to America

Finally the time arrived to head off on my holiday to America.  Mick drove me to my friend Tammy's house and I went with them to the airport.  We had a bit of a mis-hap on the way to Tammy's at 6am last Saturday morning.  We hit a kangaroo!  It was a foggy morning and don't they just leap out of nowhere?!  Two bounds and it literally jumped straight into the front of the car.  I see a new car bonnet coming.  Mick was so rattled by it and so was I.  Nobody likes to think they've watched a badly injured roo disappear into the trees.... not to mention the insurance excess to have the car repaired.  Never mind.

So here we are in on day 5 of our holiday.  We had 2 days in LA - first Tammy wanted to buy out the shops in Disneyland Downtown so we did that the day we arrived.  Sunday we did a bus tour to the San Diego Zoo.  That was something I've wanted to see for a long time so I was thrilled when Tammy chose it as something she wanted to while we were there.  It was disappointing.  The zoo itself is a pretty atmosphere with tall trees etc but the animal enclosures left a lot to be desired.  Frankly, they were better at the Melbourne Zoo last time I was there and that was years ago.  Still, it was a great day out.

Monday we flew from LA to Washington DC and we collected our hire car.  I drove on the "wrong" side of the road for the first time.  Daunting but we've done ok.

Tuesday we headed South towards Richmond so I could make the long awaited visit to see the Hexagon Star quilt I'm making.  That was very exciting for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the morning we spent at Scotchtown.  Ann, the site co-ordinator was so lovely and helpful and we enjoyed her company.  In the afternoon we drove on to Williamsburg which is where we are now.

Williamsburg is an amazing place.  I've never before seen blocks of streets so perfectly preserved and restored.  It reminds me of a large life-size Sovereign Hill.  We're staying in one of the little cottages and despite some plumbing issues we've thoroughly enjoyed it here.

This afternoon I had coffee with a lady I "met" by email while trying to get hold of a tourist map of Williamsburg.  Sandra and her husband are from England and fell in love with Williamsburg on a holiday to the USA.  They loved it so much that they've retired here.

Tonight we're tired after walking all day today.  Tomorrow we have a long drive ahead of us - across the mountains to Kentucky.

Photos to come.....

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