Monday 5 December 2011

Inspection frustration

Saturday 10am our agent rang to say they'd booked an inspection for 3pm that day.  Woohoo!!!  The first new inspection since mid October.  Mick came home (from the house up the street) and he did outside while I did inside.  The verandahs were swept, the gravel paths raked, the chook house cleaned out, the shed tidied, the cobwebs swept, the garden given a once over.  The cupboards were tidied, the cobwebs wiped down, everything dusted, wiped, swept, scrubbed.  I packed up my entire desk and put all confidential client documents away in a cupboard.  The place was spotless - not that it isn't clean and tidy all the time but it got a "Summer clean".  We make sure we're out of the house half an hour before the inspection time as we got caught out once with the people turning up 25 minutes before and sat outside in their car waiting. Just after 2.15pm Mick was back up the road,  I had the back seat of the car covered with a rug to take Coco with me (she can't even walk as far as the house up the street now!) and the agent rang to say the people just called and they can't make it!  Noooooo!!!!!!  

This is the second time this has happened to us with an inspection being cancelled less than an hour before, and another time they just didn't show up.  It definitely isn't as easy to make a time to see a house when it's a couple of hours away from the city but why don't they ring earlier.  Surely they know more than 2 hours before that they aren't going to get here! 

It is nice to have the house spotlessly clean but I had other things to do. Ho hum.

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