Monday 19 December 2011

A new job !

My working life hasn't been easy for me this year.  I left my long term job only to be dragged back into it against my better judgement.  This hasn't been terribly successful with problems over the stressful boss and certainly not enjoyable.  The old stress has crept back up.  I've been removing myself from this situation over the last couple of months and asked the nice boss for a reference so I could look for alternative employment.

Meanwhile I've been working one day a week at another little job which I'm enjoying.  It's just a pity it isn't enough to keep the bills paid!  It's likely this work will be something I can do while we're on our narrowboat.

So.... last Thursday I decided to look at what might be available on some of the online job search pages.  Most of the jobs listed are full time and I really only want another 2 or 3 days a week.  One caught my eye.  It was 3 days a week and in a town about 40 minutes away.  The only problem was that the advertisement had been listed over a week before.  I didn't think it likely I'd have much luck applying so late but figured there was nothing to lose.  I quickly printed out my resume and an application letter and raced down to the post office to get it in the mail before the close of business.  Friday morning I received a phone call asking when I could come in for an interview.  We made a time for Monday (today).

I was pleased with the interview and felt I got along well with both the business owner and his wife.  The job was just what I was looking for and it seemed I was just what they were looking for.  Very promising.  My old boss rang me this afternoon to tell me that they had called him for a reference and he'd said "all positive things".  Even more promising.  Late this afternoon the phone call came.... I have the job, starting 5th January!


nb Chance said...

Congratulations Elly, you must be thrilled, Hope you both have a Great Christmas and New Year, and fingers crossed for next year and your house sale. Doug and James x

Paul and El said...

Congrats Elly, at this rate with the house sales we will all be going over together.
Early next year it will happen..

Happy Christmas