Tuesday 9 December 2014

All in a weeks work

1. Steal one thriving tomato plant and eat all the developing fruit
2. Foray into the chicken run causing absolute chaos of panicked hens (Mick really must lock the gate when he goes in there!)
3. Begin digging up mature orange tree
4. Pull the wiring off the brake and indicator lights on Micks truck
5. Playtime with a baby bird that was unable to fly back up to its nest
6. Destroy best dog bed leaving a trail of stuffing all over the yard
7. Excavation project underway beneath the front fence
8. Garden hose game involving dragging it around the yard and chewing the nozzle
9. Make a start on picking every flower growing on the row of agapanthus
10. Discover new fun in splashing water from indoor water bowl onto kitchen floor

Phew...... What a week!!

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