Sunday 28 December 2014


Last Sunday we had a Christmas get together with my two brothers and their families and my step mum.  We had a picnic in a park so the kids could play.  I did take my camera but realized when we got home that I hadn't taken a single photo.  I'm out of practice.

My sister and her kids have been at my mum's in Bendigo for the week so were there on Christmas day.  The kids enjoyed their pile of presents from father Christmas and the tooth fairy even made a visit to Jamara.  Minka painted me a beautiful picture.  

Our thoughts have been constantly with our very dear friends who have had a tough time and bad news over Christmas.  We love you guys and hope so much that you have a positive outcome.

It's been lovely to hear from so many people over Christmas and we hope everyone had a wonderful day.   We tried to take a photo of Klara in front of the Christmas tree with a Santa hat.  Here's what she thought of that idea :


alan said...

Have a happy NEW YEAR both of you and CLARA of course still reading your blog keeping an eye you. All the best Alan. (chairs)

Elly and Mick said...

Lovely to hear from you Alan. We thought of you just the other day when we saw a photo of the boat when we bought it.... with those chairs!
Happy New Year to you too.
Elly & Mick

alan said...

Sorry to hear about Barry don't know him of course but read so much of what you've done together.Hope all goes well for them. Alan.