Wednesday 24 December 2014

Two weeks off work

I don't think there's ever been a year that I've looked forward more to a couple of weeks at home.

It's been a month or so of ups and downs for us.  We've been missing... again.... our floating life, we've been waiting anxiously for our planning application (details to come on Monday), Mick's been to hospital for some tests, we have enjoyed having barbeque dinners after work, we love having Klara in our lives, we are looking forward to a couple of visits from UK friends next year, we've not much liked some of the very hot days we've already experienced, and we have watched with dread as the bushfire season has taken hold.   The sound of the town fire siren, danger warnings on the news, and my employer's pager calling him to volunteer firefighting has become a part of our lives once more.  I didn't miss this time of year at all while we were in the UK!

We have been getting regular visits from a group of kangaroos that gather out the front or over our side fence in the evenings.  I tried to get some photos but the camera battery went flat.  Maybe next time.  Klara encountered her first close up wallaby the other day while out walking with Mick.  He said she didn't know what to make of it.

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