Tuesday 6 October 2015

Carol in Oz - Barossa Valley

Leaving Robe we had an interesting stopover planned on our way to the Barossa Valley.  I had always wanted to visit the little town of Hahndorf and this was the day.

First we had a couple of rather boring hours drive across salt flats. It wasnt pretty countryside and we were glad when it began to change. The temperature had been steadily increasing before peaking at 39 degrees.  I got out of the car to get a cold bottle of water and Carol jumped out too to experience the heat.

I was pleased as we reached Murray Bridge that the temperature was on its way down again and the scenery was improving.

We reached Hahndorf at 1pm in time for lunch and it was 33 degrees.  The town was throbbing with tourists.  We decided to go with the flow and have a German lunch at the Inn.  It was booked almost solid but they did have a just vacated table for two...... or should I say a wine barrel for two.  We shared a platter with a pork chop, pork knuckle, sausages, mash and sauerkraut.   It was delicious but way too much.  We also had two large pretzels. We were presented with a takeaway container and took away enough for another dinner.  The pretzels reminded me of my dear friend Claudia, in Germany.

Out in the street there were heaps of great little shops.  German music blared and dancers entertained the crowds.  Turns out it was an Oktoberfest celebration.  It was pretty hot out on the concrete and Carol and I each went our separate ways to look at shops for an hour.  I just managed to do the full length of both sides of the street with a brisk walk.  Back at the car Carol had checked out a couple of shops and then propped in a bar with a glass of wine!

The car was scorching for the first time this season and we had the airconditioning cranked up as we drove on.  We thoroughly enjoyed Hahndorf - the first German settlement here.  I also loved the countryside in that area.  Very pretty.

The day was over by the time we reached our cottage in the Barossa.  It's fabulous value with two double bedrooms, an outdoor spa shared with the other cottage, very generous breakfast provisions.  Carol has been in heaven wallowing in the spa for an hour before dinner each evening.


Paul and El said...

There is a very good car museum in Hahndorf, I'm surprised you didn't check it out :-)

Elly and Mick said...

What a shame we didnt know. We are right into cars! Lol.