Monday 28 March 2011

Trad with reverse layout

While browsing the internet for narrowboats for sale we came across something that we thought we wouldn't like.  The boat was a trad and it had a reverse layout.  I wouldn't think this would be a good thing for Winter.  If you have the inside of the boat warmed by the solid fuel stove or radiators and had the rear hatch open to stand there when cruising, surely all the warm air would escape out the door.  Perhaps lovely for the steerer but not very fuel efficient.

This layout diagram is from Boat Finder Brokerage


caroline said...

That's one of my preferred layouts, but not with a traditional stern, semi-trad or cruiser for me. Semi-trad and cruiser could give the option of a cover at the back (pram or similar)giving the steerer some respite from adverse weather. With mainly a crew of two, and the liking for tea and home made food, the rear galley is our preference, no need to walk halfway down the boat if you want to put the kettle on or prepare for a meal between locks. Also gives a nice roomy feel to the stern end of the boat. But that's just our preference. Really enjoy your blog, we are also exploring boat ideas, layouts, getting to know the language etc, we are a few years off doing anything, but think about it constantly. Caroline

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Caroline,
Glad you like the blog. I decided to start it when we found it so difficult to find information and opinions without interrogating other bloggers. Our ideal boat would also be a reverse layout but a semi-trad. Wish we'd win lotto so we could build our own! I don't think a day has gone by in the last 2 years that we haven't had some mention in our house of narrowboats.

Anonymous said...

Generally, the heat will migrate towards the front of the boat as it is usually higher. A hanging flyscreen will control heat loss while allowing enough heat to reach the steerer.

Elly and Mick said...

Now that's interesting, I hadn't thought about about the front of the boat being higher and the heat heading that way. Makes sense though!